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Series of Accidents in Indonesia: Pilgrimage Bus Accident Due to Microsleep and 6 Other Incidents

Liga Asuransi – Greetings, risk takers! We are again presenting a series of news regarding accident incidents in Indonesia which invites all of our attention. Risks can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. 

We cannot predict when accidents will occur, but we have the ability to reduce their impact by prioritizing safety. 

In this article, we have collected seven accident news stories that will deepen our understanding of the importance of safety in everyday life.

Let’s stay alert and take care of ourselves and those closest to us. 

Single Accident in Kulon Progo: Driver Is Drowsy, Car Overturns Into Irrigation Canal

A single accident occurred on Jalan Daendels, Karangsewu Village area, Kapanewon Galur, on Monday afternoon at around 15.50 WIB. This accident involved a car with the number plate AB 1780 EP driven by MF (29), a man from Brosot.

According to information from the Head of the Kulon Progo Police Traffic Unit Gakkum, Ipda Tanto Kurniawan, the accident occurred because MF was sleepy while driving. “The car was traveling from west to east. However, suddenly it swerved to the left of the road,” said Tanto.

When he lost control, MF tried to swerve to the right to avoid the irrigation ditch on the side of the road. However, this attempt failed and the car ended up entering an irrigation canal in an upside-down position. “The car plunged into an irrigation canal and ended up upside down,” he explained.

Luckily, MF survived the accident even though he suffered minor injuries. The car he was driving suffered serious damage, including a broken windshield and left front rim.

After the incident, MF was immediately taken to the Riski Amalia Hospital in Kapanewon Lendah for treatment. “The victim has been taken to hospital for treatment,” added Tanto.

This incident is a reminder for drivers to always ensure that they are in prime physical condition when driving. Ipda Tanto appealed to the public to take a break if they feel tired during the trip. “Make sure your physical condition is safe and fit when driving. Don’t hesitate to pull over and rest if you feel tired,” he concluded.

This incident is an important lesson about the dangers of driving while drowsy and the importance of maintaining vigilance on the road. Hopefully a similar incident will not happen again.

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Pilgrim Group Bus Accident on Pandaan-Malang Toll Road, One Killed and Dozens Injured
A tragic accident occurred on the Pandaan-Malang toll road in the early hours of this morning, involving a bus carrying the Wali Lima pilgrimage group. This accident resulted in one person being killed and dozens of others injured.

Head of Traffic Unit for Pasuruan Police, AKP Deni Eko Prasetyo, revealed that the accident occurred because the bus driver experienced microsleep, a condition in which a person falls asleep for a moment without realizing it. “The pilgrimage group’s bus arrived at the crime scene and the driver experienced a microsleep so it hit a wing box truck that was traveling in the left lane in front of it,” explained Deni, as reported by detikJatim.

The victim who died in this incident was a bus driver from PO Jaya Abadi with plate number N 7313 UK. The victim died at the scene due to heavy impact. Meanwhile, the bus driver and 21 other passengers suffered minor injuries. Most of the injured victims underwent outpatient treatment, while several others had to be hospitalized.

The group of bus passengers is known to have come from Bangunrejo, Malang, who were on a pilgrimage.

Pasuruan Police Traffic Traffic Unit Head, Ipda Ahmad Khunaefi, added that the bus hit a wing box truck and pushed it into a ditch. “The bus driver was injured and is still being treated at Sahabat Hospital, Sukorejo, Pasuruan. Meanwhile, no one from the wing box truck was injured,” he explained.

This accident is a reminder of the importance of driving safety, especially for drivers carrying large numbers of passengers. Microsleep can happen to anyone who doesn’t get enough rest, and can have fatal consequences on the road.

The police appealed to drivers, especially those tasked with transporting passengers on long journeys, to ensure good physical condition and not hesitate to rest if they feel tired. Passenger and personal safety must always be the top priority.

With this incident, it is hoped that all parties can be more alert and prioritize safety when on the road. We hope that the injured victim recovers quickly and that similar incidents do not occur again in the future.

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Eucalyptus Oil Waste Warehouse Fire in the Bunder Forest of Gunungkidul: 17 Hours The Fire Has Not Been Extinguished

Efforts to extinguish the fire at the eucalyptus oil refinery waste warehouse in Bunder Forest, Gunungkidul, are still ongoing. The fire, which has been going on for 17 hours, has not been completely extinguished, even though various efforts have been made by the fire brigade team.

detikJogja’s monitoring of the location on Monday (3/6/2024) at 20.25 WIB showed that two excavators were continuing to try to dig up the pile of eucalyptus oil refinery waste. Firefighters are also still struggling to spray water on fires that are still burning in the warehouse, with thick smoke continuing to rise around the location.

There was a fleet of fire engines from the Jogja City Fire Department and a fire engine belonging to the Gunungkidul Fire Department which also tried to extinguish the fire. The head of the Gunungkidul Damkar UPT, Handoko, explained that extinguishing efforts were hampered by materials in the warehouse consisting of eucalyptus leaves and twigs.

“The problem in this case is that it is like peat land, the fire is in the husk, inside. “It spread from the inside,” explained Handoko to detikJogja at the fire location, Monday night.

Currently, the fire team is trying to break the chain of fire by digging through eucalyptus waste. Handoko also added that limited personnel made this task even more difficult. “There are so many hoards that it’s overwhelming. Personnel are also limited, there are 24 people. We have taken it from Bantul. “The Bantul one returned at around 16.00 WIB,” he added.

Head of the Jogja City Damkarmat Fire Control Operational Section, Mahargyo, revealed that his party had brought in two fire trucks and a command car containing additional equipment to help extinguish the fire.

“While the ones that operate in the city because they have Gunungkidul are still damaged,” said Mahargyo.

It is known that the fire at the Sendang Mole eucalyptus oil factory warehouse in the Bunder forest was reported to have occurred on Monday (3/6) at 04.00 WIB. So far, the Gunungkidul Fire Department has used hundreds of water tanks to extinguish the fire which continues to spread.

Hopefully the extinguishing efforts will soon bear fruit and the fire can be quickly contained. Stay alert and ensure the safety of your surroundings from potential fires.

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Fire Hits Babun Najah Islamic Boarding School: 12 Students Experience Shortness of Breath

The fire disaster that destroyed the Babun Najah Islamic Boarding School led by Muhammad Ismi (Abu Madinah) in Doy Village, Ulee Kareng District, Banda Aceh City, caused 12 students to experience shortness of breath. The fire occurred in the early hours of Monday (3/6/2024) at around 00.15 WIB.

Head of the Banda Aceh Fire and Rescue Service (DPKP), M. Hidayat, explained that the fire was first seen in one of the corner rooms on the third floor which had been used as a storage warehouse for goods. “The room is empty and is used to store goods,” said Hidayat.

The students tried to extinguish the fire using several Light Fire Extinguisher (APAR) units, but these efforts failed because the fire continued to grow. They finally contacted the fire brigade. DPKP Banda Aceh swiftly deployed seven fire trucks, while five fire trucks from Aceh Besar also helped.

“The extinguishing process lasted until 00.40 WIB, after which cooling efforts were carried out,” said Hidayat. Apart from that, the extinguishing process was also assisted by PLN officers, Ulee Kareng Police, Banda Aceh Police, TNI personnel, ERPA volunteers, and RAPI.

All victims who experienced shortness of breath were taken to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. “From this fire, 12 victims were found with shortness of breath,” said Hidayat.

The fire burned three rooms in the Islamic boarding school. The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the police to determine the exact source of this incident.

  1. Hidayat also expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of various parties in efforts to extinguish and handle this disaster. “We thank all parties involved in assisting with extinguishing and handling victims,” ​​he said.

This fire disaster is a reminder of the importance of preparedness and an adequate fire fighting system in every educational institution, including Islamic boarding schools. Fire prevention measures, such as regular inspections of electrical installations and training in the use of fire extinguishers for occupants, are very necessary to reduce the risk of fires in the future.

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The search for the crew members of the Raja Cumi 2 ship who disappeared in the Java Sea continues

The search operation for a crew member (ABK) of the Raja Cumi 2 ship which crashed in the waters of the Java Sea is still ongoing until the second day. On Sunday (02/06/2024), the Raja Cumi 2 ship had just departed from the mooring location for the fishing location when a crew member realized that his colleague was missing and had allegedly fallen into the sea.

The missing victim is Otio Adit Setiawan (26), a man from Jombang. Upon receiving the report from Danpos TNI AL Samuda, Head of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Palangkaraya, AA. Ketut Alit Supartana immediately sent a search and rescue unit (SRU) from the Sampit SAR Post.

“Receiving information from Danpos TNI AL Samuda, we dispatched a Rescue Team from the Sampit SAR Post using RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) facilities to carry out a search,” said Alit.

The location of the victim’s fall is estimated to be around 65 nautical miles from Muara Sampit to the south. Indra Saputra, coordinator of search operations, stated that the team continues to coordinate with various SAR elements. “We continue to coordinate with SAR elements, and we are trying to search in accordance with the SAR operation plan that has been made, and hopefully the victim will be found quickly,” said Indra.

The Joint SAR Team has also appealed to ships sailing in the area to provide information or assistance if they find signs of victims. “We are monitoring ships sailing in the area so that if they receive signs of victims, they can provide information or provide assistance,” he added.

Until this news was published, the victim was still being searched for. SAR elements involved in this operation include the Sampit SAR Post Rescue Team, Samuda TNI AL Post, Sampit KSOP, as well as local fishermen.

The search continues in the hope that Otio Adit Setiawan can be found and rescued soon. The families of the victims and colleagues on the ship continue to pray and hope for Otio’s safety. The Joint SAR Team will not stop until this search mission is successful.

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Police Arrest Young Doctor Suspected of Stealing His Colleague’s Toyota Fortuner in Semarang

A young doctor with the initials MAL (23) was arrested by the police on suspicion of stealing a Toyota Fortuner belonging to his colleague who is also a young doctor. Both of them are currently undergoing a Koas program at a hospital in Semarang City, Central Java. Kasatreskrim Polrestabes Semarang Police Commissioner Andika Dharma Sena revealed that the suspect and victim, MJ (23), were in the same team while undergoing the program.

“This theft occurred on May 29 2024 in front of Panti Wilasa Hospital, Jalan Dr. Cipto, Semarang City,” said Andika Dharma Sena, Monday (3/6/2024). “The suspect and victim MJ (23) were on the same team when they were boarding.”

According to Andika, the perpetrator took the victim’s car keys which were stored in the hospital locker. “From the perpetrator’s confession, the crime was committed for fun,” he explained. However, the police are still investigating the exact reasons behind the suspect’s actions.

After receiving the theft report, the police managed to find the victim’s car which was still parked near the perpetrator’s boarding house. In his statement, MAL admitted that he had no intention of selling the car and only did it for fun.

For his actions, the perpetrator was charged under Article 362 of the Criminal Code concerning theft. “The perpetrator will be processed according to applicable law,” stressed Andika.

This incident is a warning to the public to always be alert to their valuables, even in environments that are considered safe such as the workplace. The police also appealed to vehicle owners to always ensure that vehicle keys are stored safely to avoid unwanted incidents.

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Coconut Fiber Warehouse Burns Again in Banyuwangi, One Truck Scorched by Fire

Another fire occurred in Ami Santoso’s coconut fiber storage warehouse in Mangir Village, Rogojampi District, Monday (3/6). The fire that suddenly broke out at around 14.00 managed to spread quickly, burning down the entire warehouse and a truck parked at the location.

According to the Head of the Banyuwangi Damkarmat Rescue and Evacuation Section, Salam Bikwanto, there were no fatalities in this incident, but one truck was burned. “The fire was quite big and quickly spread throughout the warehouse. We were forced to deploy nine fire engines from three sectors and a fire engine from Mako Damkarmat, as well as one fire engine from the company to extinguish the fire,” he said.

As of 17.40, the fire had still not been completely extinguished. Officers from various agencies, including members of the Rogojampi Police, Rogojampi Koramil, Damkarmat officers, and a number of warehouse employees, are still struggling to extinguish the fire which is difficult to contain because the flammable coconut fiber has completely burned out.

“We have sprayed around 30 water tanks to extinguish the fire. The fire was difficult to extinguish because it had burned all the coconut fiber in the warehouse and formed a volcano,” added Salam.

Meanwhile, Rogojampi Police Chief, Kompil Imron, revealed that the exact cause of the fire could not yet be ascertained. “The exact cause is still under our investigation,” he said when contacted by Jawa Pos Radar Genteng.

This incident adds to the list of fires that occurred in coconut fiber warehouses in the area in a short period of time. Officials and local residents are advised to remain alert and increase fire prevention efforts in storage warehouse areas.

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