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7 Selections of 2023 Fatal Accident News in Indonesia – 2nd Week of October 2023

Liga AsuransiHello, risk takers! In the second week of October 2023, we will again present a series of news regarding accident incidents in Indonesia, inviting our attention. We want to convey that risk can lurk anywhere and anytime, and we don’t know the victim. Although we cannot predict when and where accidents will occur, we can reduce their impact by prioritizing safety. In this article, we have collected seven accident news stories that will deepen our understanding of the importance of safety in everyday life.

Let’s remain alert and care for ourselves and those closest to us. Coming together can create a safer environment and reduce the risk of accidents. Happy reading. I hope these articles provide valuable benefits and understanding in our efforts to maintain our collective safety.

Tragedy at Construction Site: One Worker was Killed and Three Injured by a Collapsed Wall in South Tangerang

One of four workers suffered a tragic death, and three others sustained injuries in a work accident on the outskirts of Kali Serua, Pondok Aren, South Tangerang, on Friday (6/10/2023) at around 10.30 WIB. The Pondok Aren Sector Police identified the worker who died as Suherman (39), while Rahmat (45), Hamzah (35), and Jainal Arip (33) suffered injuries and were treated at the Bakti Asih Ciledug hospital.

The four workers were involved in the Serua River normalization project, assembling iron for chicken claws as a cast foundation on the river’s edge. The accident occurred when another worker was digging the river with an excavator, which caused vibrations that are thought to have caused the wall to collapse and hit the workers below.

Initial investigations showed that the victims did not use personal protective equipment (PPE) during the accident, so their work safety was neglected.

Pondok Aren Police Chief, Commissioner Bambang Askar Sodiq, revealed that the police had asked for information from three witnesses who saw the incident. Examining the surviving workers will be carried out this week. Information and data will be collected before being forwarded to the party responsible for the normalization project.

Even though there were rumors about the arrest of the project leader, Bambang Askar Sodiq denied this, but the police had secured the excavator.

The contractor implementing the sheet pile construction project in Pondok Kacang Timur claims that his workers are now using PPE, especially project helmets, to prevent a similar incident. However, the South Tangerang City Water Resources Service will determine whether the PPE used meets Indonesian national standards (SNI).

The South Tangerang City Water Resources, Highways and Construction Department (SDABMBK) stated that the Serua River normalization project had been temporarily stopped because the police were investigating it.


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Toyota Yaris driver dies after crashing into Isuzu truck due to accident allegedly caused by sleepiness on Padaleunyi toll road

A tragic accident occurred on Tuesday (10/10/2023) at around 04.30 WIB on the Padaleunyi KM 133 Toll Road, Line A, Cigondewah Rahayu Village, Bandung Kulon District, Bandung City. In this incident, a Toyota Yaris car with plate number B 2930 KKW driven by Muhammad Rizky Ramadhan collided with an Isuzu B 9053 PDC truck driven by Didin.

This accident caused the driver of the Toyota Yaris to die at the scene. Based on information obtained from the Instagram account @unitgakkumpolrestabesbandung, the accident occurred when a Toyota Yaris car hit the back of an Isuzu truck while crossing KM 133 A.

When met, the Head of the Bandung Police Traffic Unit Gakkum, AKP Arif Saepul Haris, revealed that the victim was traveling west to east on the Padaleunyi Toll Road. When he reached kilometer 133A, his car hit the back of the truck. Arif added that the temporary suspicion was that the victim fell asleep behind the wheel.

The situation became more complicated when the victim’s car was dragged by a truck driven by Didin, a resident from Pandeglang until it stopped at kilometer 133A +400. As a result of this accident, the driver of the Yaris car died at the scene.

The handling of this accident is still under the supervision of the Gakkum unit of the Bandung Police Traffic Unit. In this context, the public is reminded to always drive at a safe speed, remain alert, and obey traffic rules. Apart from that, it is essential always to carry complete vehicle documents.


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Dowora Idaman 3 motorboat sank after hitting a log. Valuable Cargo Drifts in the Waters of the City of Tidore Islands

A dramatic incident occurred in Tidore Islands City, North Maluku waters, when the Dowora Idaman 3 motor ship carrying 24 passengers sank. This ship had an accident after hitting a log, which caused the front plank to come off.

Head of the Tidore Islands City Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Muhammad Abubakar, explained that the incident occurred between the waters of West Halmahera and Tidore Islands City on Tuesday (10/10/2023) at around 05.30 WIT. This ship carried 6 crew members (ABK) and 18 passengers and initially sailed from Jailolo Harbor, West Halmahera, to Tidore Islands.

“The ship departed from Jailolo for Tidore with 18 passengers and 6 crew members under the ownership of Wilhelmus,” explained Abubakar.

Even though the ship had an incident, its engines were still functional, allowing them to steer it towards Gamgau Harbor. Unfortunately, part of the ship’s body has been submerged in water due to damage.

Abubakar provided information that there were no casualties in this incident. However, valuable cargo such as langsa fruit, rambutans, and sweet potatoes carried by the ship were swept away at sea.

This incident shows the importance of maritime safety and caution in shipping, while the loss of valuable cargo is one of the tragic impacts of this ship accident.


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Electric short circuit triggers huge fire at Kosambi market, which traders successfully extinguish

A major fire occurred at Kosambi Market, Bandung City, West Java, on Monday (9/10/2023), which was caused by an electrical short circuit in two stalls behind the market building. This incident occurred at around 09.00 WIB and involved two kiosks measuring three by four meters.

The owner of one of the stalls, Agus, said that he and his wife were cleaning the stall when the incident occurred. They heard a pop from the electricity meter installed in the kiosk. The eruption was followed by an electrical short circuit, which resulted in a fire. Agus and other traders immediately tried to extinguish the fire using a light fire extinguisher (APAR) and managed to control the situation before the fire spread to other areas.

As a result of this fire, several of Agus’s belongings were damaged, including two Motor Vehicle Ownership Books (BPKB). Other traders also felt nervous when the fire broke out, but they were grateful because it was quickly controlled and did not spread to other market areas.

Several parties, including the police, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP), and sub-district elements, also came to check the condition of the burning kiosk. Other traders also checked their respective stalls as a precautionary measure.


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Minimarket employees were held at gunpoint and tied up by robbery perpetrators, causing losses of tens of millions.

On Friday, October 6, 2023, at around 22.00 WIB, a violent crime of theft rocked a minimarket on Jalan Raya Bojonggenteng, Kampung Bojonggenteng RT 05/02, Village Bojonggenteng, District Bojonggenteng, Sukabumi Regency.

According to Sukabumi Police Chief AKBP Maruly Pardede, the chronology of the robbery occurred when the minimarket employee, Ridwan Hudin (26 years), together with the witness, Malik Robiulsani (25 years), were about to close the shop. Suddenly, two individuals in jackets and helmets approached them, threatened them with knives, and forced them to open the safe where the money was kept.

Maruly explained that the perpetrators violently carried out the theft by pointing a knife and tying the victim with duct tape. They managed to take cash from the safe and money from the Alfamart cashier’s drawer. Apart from that, they also confiscated three cell phones belonging to the complainant.

Then, the reporter immediately reported the incident to the Bojonggenteng Police Headquarters for further investigation. The total loss due to the robbery reached IDR 34,222,514,- which belonged to PT. Source Alfaria Trijaya, and three cellphones belonging to the reporter.

Maruly emphasized that the motive for this crime was to steal cash and cell phones for economic reasons. The perpetrator faces the threat of punishment by Article 365 of the Criminal Code, which regulates the crime of theft with violence.

Bojonggenteng Police Chief Inspector Sopyan stated that the investigation was still ongoing and further information would be provided on developments.


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Tourist Truck Accident with 30 Passengers Heading to Banyu Meneng Beach, 2 People Died, Tourist Plans End in Tragic

On Saturday (7/10/2023) evening, a pickup truck carrying 30 passengers had a single accident on Jalan Raya Bantur Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency, East Java. The group was members of the Karangtaruna of Wandanpuro Village, Bululawang District, Malang Regency, who were on a tourist trip to Banyu Meneng Beach.

The tragic impact of this accident was that two of the 30 truck passengers died on the spot. They are Adi Cahyanto (35) and Mokhamad Ali (44). Apart from that, other group members suffered injuries ranging from light to severe.

Samsul Huda, Head of Sidodadi Hamlet, Wandanpuro Village, revealed that the group went to celebrate the disbandment of the committee commemorating the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (HUT RI), which was previously held in Wandanpuro Village in September. However, he did not know that they would use trucks as a means of transportation; if he had known, he would not have given permission.

Samsul emphasized that he was not involved in the planning or preparation of the trip at all. Some of the victims have recovered and returned to their homes, while others are still undergoing medical treatment at the hospital.

The head of Wandanpuro Village, Madkhori, explained that this group planned to leave first, while the female Karangtaruna members would follow the next morning using a rented bus. However, this plan ultimately failed due to an accident that occurred.


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Truck Hits House: Deadly Accident in Bantur Malang, Alleged Brake Failure Claims Two Lives

An accident in Bantur, Malang Regency, ended with two people dying. A truck carrying 30 passengers from Bululawang, Malang, crashed into a house in Bantur Village, resulting in two people dying in this tragic accident.

AKP Agnis Juwita Manurung, Head of Traffic Unit for Malang Police, stated that the cause of the accident in Bantur Malang was thought to be due to the truck’s brakes not functioning properly. This incident occurred on Saturday (7/10) midnight.

The truck was driven by Zainul Kirom, a 23-year-old Bululawang resident traveling from north to south. When he reached the scene, the truck’s brakes were said to have been damaged, causing the truck not to be able to be adequately controlled. As a result, the truck crossed the fence of a resident’s house and finally overturned.

In this accident, two truck passengers died instantly: Adi Cahyanto (35 years) and Mokhamad Ali (44 years), both Bululawang, Malang Regency residents. Both suffered severe head injuries and died at the scene.

Also, 12 other passengers were injured and are undergoing treatment at various hospitals, including Kanjuruhan Regional Hospital, Mitra Delima Bululawang Hospital, and Wava Husada Hospital. The rest suffered minor injuries in the accident.


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