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7 Choices of Fatal Accident News 2023 in Indonesia – 3rd Week of October

Liga Asuransi – Hello, risk takers! In the third week of October 2023, we again present a series of news regarding accident incidents in Indonesia which invites all of our attention. We remind you again that risks can lurk anywhere and at any time, and it is unknown who will be the victim. Although we cannot predict when and where accidents will occur, we have the ability to reduce their impact by prioritizing safety. In this article, we have collected seven accident news stories that will deepen our understanding of the importance of safety in everyday life.

Let’s remain alert and take care of ourselves and those closest to us. By coming together, we can create a safer environment and reduce the risk of accidents. Happy reading, I hope these articles provide valuable benefits and understanding in our efforts to maintain our collective safety.

The Mystery of the Joke that Claimed 3 Lives in a Tragic Accident in Nganjuk

Four friends from Ponorogo had a fatal accident that claimed three lives when the car they were in hit a bus on Jalan Raya Nganjuk-Madiun, Selorejo Village, Bagor District, Nganjuk. Before the tragic incident occurred, they had created and shared a joke video about the accident.

On that tragic day, Monday 9 September 2019, their Toyota Innova car with the number plate AE 567 SC was driving from west to east, namely from Madiun to Surabaya. Panji Whisnu Kusuma was in the driver’s seat.

Several short videos related to the accident are circulating on social media. One video shows the four friends joking around in the car before the accident occurred. A female passenger was seen making up and checking herself in the car’s rearview.

In the video, the driver of the car cracks a joke about the accident, saying, “Bar iki nggaweo toko nji engko lek aku ramak-nabrak” (after this, let’s make a story as if I crashed). Ironically, what was said in the video became reality in a short time.

Not long after the video was uploaded, the real accident occurred. Unfortunately, the driver and two passengers, namely Rizki Viko Abdilah and Amalia Hestin Nugraheni, died. Meanwhile, one other passenger, Tohir Rohjana, survived.

Head of Nganjuk Police Traffic Unit, AKP Hegy Renanta, explained that the accident involved an Innova car and a PO Mira bus with the number plate S 7190 US, and occurred at around 10.00 WIB. The accident started when the car driven by Panji was moving from the direction of Madiun. When arriving at the scene, the car is thought to have lost concentration, causing the car to veer to the right.

An accident was inevitable when the car veered to the right, the PO Mira bus came from the opposite direction, namely towards Surabaya. The collision occurred, and the front body of the Innova car was seriously damaged.

Two people died at the scene, and another person died while undergoing treatment at Nganjuk Regional Hospital. The three victims who died were all from Ponorogo, while the two injured victims were car passengers Tohir and bus driver Mira from Magelang.


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Fiber Optic Cable Warehouse Fired for 16 Hours, Losses Reached More than IDR 10 Billion

The fire that hit the fiber optic cable warehouse on the Cibubur Danau Buperta Alternative Road, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, Depok City on Saturday, October 14, 2023, at around 13.47 WIB, resulted in losses estimated at more than IDR 10 billion.

Head of the Fire Rescue Section, Depok City Fire and Rescue Service (DPKP), Tesy Haryati, stated that this loss occurred because of the fiber optic cable material which had just been dropped the day before by PT FMI. Section Chief Tesy confirmed that currently the fire has been successfully extinguished, but firefighters remain on standby in case it re-ignites.

The initial suspicion regarding the cause of the fire in the fiber optic cable warehouse was due to cigarette butts. The fire affected an area of ​​around thousands of square meters, specifically around 1,500 square meters.

To deal with this fire, more than a dozen firefighting units from Depok City have been deployed to the scene. These units include Mako GDC 2, UPT Cimanggis 2, UPT Tapos 2, Pos Merdeka 1, and Post Mayor 1.


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A worker in Lamongan Died in Horrible Condition, Penetrated by Wood from Chest to Back

An unfortunate story happened to a worker at PT Inkatama Wancheng Indonesia, a processing company in Pelang Village, Kembangbahu District, Lamongan Regency. Khoirul Rizal, a 26-year-old young man from Pelang Village, was found dead instantly in a tragic work accident at his workplace on Monday, October 16, 2023.

Based on the results of the investigation at the scene and the testimony of two witnesses, Alvo (20) and Davi (18), it was revealed that on that tragic day, at around 08.00 WIB, they and Khoirul Rizal went to work at the factory. They saw Khoirul Rizal preparing a piece of wood measuring about 3 meters long and 15 centimeters wide. The wood will be sawed using a RIP machine.

At first, everything seemed like a normal daily work routine. The witness saw Khoirul Rizal even drinking water. However, at around 10.00 WIB, the terrible incident occurred. Khoirul Rizal was hit by a piece of wood that was being sawed. What was even more terrifying was that the long piece of wood hit his right chest and penetrated his back.

Not just one piece of wood hit the victim, but two pieces. One of them was stuck in his chest, while the other was stuck in his right hand. As a result of his serious injuries, Khoirul Rizal collapsed at the scene. The victim was immediately rushed to Muhammadiyah Kalikapas Lamongan Hospital. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the hospital, Khoirul Rizal had died.

According to the Head of Public Relations of the Lamongan Police, Ipda Anton Krisbiantoro, the victim died at the scene before he could be taken to hospital. This incident was a terrible tragedy that shook the worker community and the victim’s family.


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Deadly Collision at Ngrawah Beach Gunungkidul, Boat Collides with Cliff, Kills a Fisherman

A fishing boat had an accident at Ngrawah Beach, Gunungkidul Regency, on Saturday (14/10/2023) evening, which caused one fisherman to die. The accident was caused by an error in landing the ship due to bad weather. The ship was supposed to land at Ngrenehan Beach but ended up landing incorrectly at Ngrawah Beach, which has rocks and cliffs. As a result, the ship was hit by big waves and crashed into a cliff.

This incident occurred at around 19.00 WIB when the ship was about to land after activities at sea. Bad weather with thick fog reduced visibility, and this made the ship’s tekong (owner) confused, which ultimately resulted in the ship landing on Ngrawah Beach to the east of Ngrenehan Beach, which was actually not a safe location for landing.

Two fishermen were on the boat, namely Surat (62 years), the boat owner, and Sujono (47 years). They tried to jump from the ship and swim to shore when the ship approached the cliff. Unfortunately, one fisherman, Surat, was unsuccessful and drowned because he was unable to swim to shore. Meanwhile, another fisherman, Sujono, survived.

After receiving reports from residents, the Baron Beach Operational Area II Satlinmas Rescue team immediately began searching for victims. About 30 minutes later, the victim was found and evacuated, but unfortunately, the victim had died. The condition of the ship was also seriously damaged as a result of this accident.


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Tricked by Social Assistance Method, Gold Necklace Robber Arrested by Seputihmataram Police

The Seputihmataram Police have succeeded in arresting two suspected robbers who are suspected of being involved in the gold necklace robbery case in Terbanggi Mulya Village, Badarmataram District, Central Lampung Regency. The two perpetrators were arrested without incident on Monday, October 16, 2023.

According to Seputihmataram Police Chief, Inspector Budi Santoso, the two perpetrators were MY (34 years old) who is a resident of Serdang Village, Tanjung Bintang District, South Lampung, and KL (59 years old) who came from Pidada Village, Panjang District, Bandar Lampung City.

The chronology of this robbery began on Monday, October 10, 2023. At that time, the victim Susilo (32 years old) who lives in Kampung Terbanggi Mulya was sitting alone on the terrace next to his house. Suddenly, the two perpetrators approached the victim by asking about the Family Hope Program (PKH).

“The two perpetrators approached the victim on the pretext of asking about PKH assistance. Seeing that the situation was quiet, they then approached the victim and forcibly snatched the gold necklace the victim was wearing around her neck. After that, the perpetrators ran away,” said Budi when interviewed by Lampost .co on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

As a result of this robbery, the victim lost a 10-gram gold necklace worth around IDR 6 million. The victim then reported this incident to the Seputihmataram Police Headquarters in the hope of identifying and finding the perpetrators of the robbery.

“We carried out an investigation, checked the CCTV footage at the victim’s house, and found that the perpetrators were using a black and red Honda Supra belonging to the suspect MY,” he explained.

After confirming that the suspect owned the motorbike, the police arrested MY when he was in the Tanjung Bintang District area, South Lampung Regency. Then, they succeeded in arresting the suspect KL who was then in the Bandar Lampung City area.

“Currently, the two perpetrators along with evidence such as the clothes used during the robbery and the motorbike used, as well as an identification card from the Investigation newspaper have been secured at the Seputihmataram Police Headquarters for further investigation. The perpetrator will be faced with Article 365 of the Criminal Code with threats 9 years in prison,” concluded the Sector Police Chief.


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  2. Personal Accident Insurance
  3. Health Insurance


Excavator Operator Killed by Falling 1 Meter Mountain Rock

On Tuesday morning, October 17, 2023, an excavator operator named Samsul Bahri in Aceh Besar, Aceh, died in a tragic incident.

While working in the hills in Peukan Bada District, a mountain rock about one meter in diameter suddenly fell and hit the excavator he was operating.

At this location, several other workers were also present. His colleagues immediately removed the stones and evacuated Samsul, taking him to Bhayangkara Hospital, Banda Aceh.

Police from the Banda Aceh Police are investigating this incident and will work with related parties to uncover the cause of the incident.

They will also check the location permits and listen to testimony from witnesses at the scene.


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  3. Personal Accident Insurance
  4. Heavy Equipment Insurance
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One Bus Carrying 45 Students Overturned in Tapsel, 27 Injured Because They Were Unable to Conquer the Climb

The bus carrying 45 students in South Tapanuli Regency (Tapsel), North Sumatra, had an accident while trying to climb uphill. As a result, 27 passengers, who were students from middle and high schools, were injured.

According to the Head of the Tapsel Police Traffic Unit, AKP Sofyan Helmi Nasution, the incident occurred in Nanggar Jati Hutapadang Village, Arse District, in the morning. At that time, the bus tried to climb the incline but was unable to and ended up overturning.

Sofyan explained that the bus initially came from Sipagimbar to Sipirok, carrying students who were going to their school. When reaching the location of the incident, the bus had to pass through a fairly steep potholed road.

“The bus suddenly was unable to overcome the incline and started to back towards the edge of the road on the right towards Sipirok. Finally, the bus rolled over in the middle of the road,” said Sofyan.

He went on to say that the injured victims had been taken to the community health center to receive medical treatment. Currently, several victims have been returned to their homes, while around eight other people have been referred to Sipirok Regional Hospital.

Furthermore, officers evacuated the bus to the Sipirok Police Traffic Post.


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