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Loss Assessors vs Loss Adjusters: What’s the Difference?

Liga Asuransi – The world of insurance is filled with terms that can be confusing, or in some cases, downright misleading. Loss Assessors and loss adjusters, for example,. In several cases we are contacted by people who think they need a loss adjuster, even though in fact they need a loss assessor.

Simply put, loss adjusters work for your insurance company and their interests, while loss adjusters work for the policyholder and solely for your benefit. So what do they do?


Loss Adjuster

Insurance companies are generally reluctant to pay large payments to policyholders. Therefore, they may call a loss adjuster to investigate your case. A loss adjuster is a claims specialist appointed and paid by an insurance company to investigate complex or controversial claims on their behalf. They are responsible for determining the cause of the loss and for determining whether it is covered by your insurance policy. Therefore, they will visit the location of the loss to collect evidence and assess the damage. 

In some cases, your insurance company may even hire private investigators and forensics to work on their behalf. These investigators are more often than not completely unregulated, and they will go to great lengths to discredit your claims. They will then provide a report to the insurance company, recommending appropriate payments based on the validity of the claim they feel. Basically, they review your claim from the insurance company’s perspective. Because they are paid by the insurance company, loss adjusters may actively work to secure the lowest possible settlement. 

They are ostensibly hired to find evidence that can negate your claim. Therefore, it is important to have a qualified loss adjuster to fight your corner. They are not appointed to advise you on the best way for you to make a claim – they simply look at the incident in the context of your policy coverage, and the settlement they have with your insurance company. 

They won’t help you if you want to dispute a settlement offer – the onus is on you to prove that you are entitled to more than the offer recommended to your insurer by the loss adjuster. In some cases, it may feel as if the loss adjuster is actively working in your best interest. But if you appoint a loss adjuster, they will fight your corner and expertly negotiate your claim on your behalf. 

You should appoint them as early in the claim as possible. If you appoint a loss assessor after the loss adjuster’s report has been submitted, it will be very difficult to challenge their decision.

Loss Assessor 

In contrast to a loss adjuster, a loss assessor is appointed by the policyholder to manage claims on their behalf. They can be called upon to assist with any type of loss-related insurance claim. Maybe your business or property was damaged by fire, flood, storm, or subsidence. Or perhaps theft has robbed you of irreplaceable things. 

Harris Balcombe’s qualified loss adjusters will handle every aspect of your claims process. They will help at every stage of your claim, from the paperwork to the more practical aspects. They will meet with an insurance company representative, or designated loss adjuster, to negotiate the best claim settlement for you.

They are excellent negotiators and experts when it comes to policy terms and conditions. 

They know how to properly measure claims to ensure that you claim an accurate and realistic amount.

They have a thorough understanding of how insurance company claims departments work. 

They go out of their way to get you temporary payments when you need them.

They have never worked for an insurance company, and they are the only party in the entire claims process who can be trusted to act completely on your behalf.

 Loss assessors may also be called in to assist in cases where the insurance company has denied a claim, or where settlement has been delayed.

Many people make the mistake of only appointing a loss adjuster when they need one – that is, when something goes wrong. The reality is that unfortunately, many things can and often do go wrong during the insurance claims process.

For best results, you should request the services of a loss assessor as early as possible – ideally as soon as you learn you have an insurance claim. 

By appointing a loss assessor company as early as possible, you will not only increase your chances of making a successful claim, you will also free yourself from dealing with your insurance company. This will allow you to get on with your life, and recover as quickly as possible

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