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What types of insurance are needed for a music concert?

Liga AsuransiDear readers, how are you and your business? Do you like listening to music, or do some of you often come to music concerts, orchestras, Java Jazz, or other concerts? We wish you well and that your business continues to thrive and be successful.

As we all know, after COVID-19 subsided, many concerts were held in Indonesia. Music concerts, regardless of the genre, whatever the packaging, whoever the artist is, and wherever the location of the event is, are generally intended to entertain visitors and music lovers from the ranks of artists promised by the promoter to perform.

Watching music concerts must have become part of the lifestyle of someone who likes music or wants to watch it. However, from the fun music concert activities, various risks could befall the audience, the concert staff, and even the musicians performing at the concert.

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Concert Accident Cases The

following are some concert cases that have recently occurred in Indonesia:

  1. Mirror Concert Canceled After Giant TV Screen Falls Incident

A performance by Hong Kong boy band Mirror was suspended on Thursday (28/7) after the screen fell from a height above the stage, hitting dancers below, according to footage circulating on social media. Local media reported at least two boyband personnel were injured.

  1. NCT 127’s concert at Ice BSD was disbanded

. The event, which was supposed to be a happy moment, had to be stopped after fans pushed each other, causing 30 people to faint. The concert was arrested at around 21:20 after running for more than two hours because the audience in the sector standing in front of the stage pushed each other until one part of the guardrail collapsed. As a result, at least 30 people fainted, and several others were injured. The police said that NCT 127’s concert tickets sold around 8,000 units out of a venue capacity of 10,000 people.

  1. Congo Turns Tragedy in Congo, 11 Killed Crowded in Stadium Overcapacity

A total of 11 people, including two police officers, were killed in a disastrous concert at an overcapacity stadium in Kinshasa, Congo. The show that turned into a tragedy featuring the famous Congolese singer, Fally Ipupa, was held at the Stadium of Martyrs, Kinshasa, Saturday (29/10/2022). As reported by Reuters, the stadium, which became the arena for concert performances, was overcrowded, exceeding its capacity of 80,000 people.

  1. Travis Scott’s Concert Leads to Death, 8 People Killed and Dozens Injured

The Astroworld Festival concert in Houston, Texas, featuring rapper Travis Scott on Saturday (6/11/2021), ended in death. At least eight people were killed and dozens injured on the music festival’s opening night. A commotion broke out after the crowd began to press to the front of the stage at the Astroworld Festival.

Types of Insurance Required in Concert Events

  1. Public Liability

Insurance Public Liability Insurance is a particular type of event insurance that protects you, the event organizer, from third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage. Claims can come from venue owners or concertgoers in the event of an accident.

This insurance does not replace the coverage the band would otherwise have if they were sued for injury or accidental damage to others. This protects you from the financial consequences of claims for injury and property damage to third parties during the arrangement, wear, or concert.

When something goes wrong, your Public Liability Insurance can pay damages on your behalf, helping you stay clueless about the event. Since you are dealing with the public, it is best to have a policy with sufficient coverage for the most common liability claims, such as slip and fall accidents.

Public liability insurance comprises several types of coverage packaged together to create risk protection for concert performers, promoters, and venues.

The scope of liability covers you if a third party is injured during the event, or as a result of the event’s activities, or if the third party’s property is damaged, and it is your responsibility. The policy will pay for the claim, and the insurance company’s legal counsel will help defend you against liability lawsuits.

There are four types of Concert Liability coverage you may need, including:

  • General Liability: Protects you from liability claims and lawsuits if you are guilty of property damage or injury.
  • Auto Liability: This policy will cover you if you or one of your staff causes injury or property damage in a car accident in a company vehicle or on company time.
  • Third-Party Liability: Protects if property other than your own is damaged. It can also be expanded to cover physical damage to the venue.
  1. Personal Accident Insurance

Based on the Indonesian Personal Accident Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKDI), personal accident insurance is an event or event that contains elements of violence, both physical and chemical. Events that come suddenly, are not wanted or planned, and come from outside, are visible, and immediately directly affect the insured and cause bodily injury whose nature and location can be determined by medical science.

Like the experience of Social Media Content Strategist Budhi Samsudin and his friends who fell unconscious while watching a favorite music concert, seeking help from the medical team in the field was not easy when conditions were panicking. Given these and other incidents we don’t want while watching a concert, it’s time to realize the importance of having Personal Accident insurance. This is commonplace to be included in the checklist for concertgoers, especially if only watching with your friends.

Considering other unwanted events that occur during concerts and watching concerts, it’s time for promoters and you to realize the importance of concert tickets already included with Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance coverage.

Ensure that the organizer or promoter of the concert is affiliated with an insurance company that provides Public Liability and Personal Accident products. This is useful for reducing losses arising from unwanted risks.

However, suppose a concert organizer is separate from the insurance company. In that case, you should buy a Personal Accident insurance package and get used to prioritizing insurance so that you can enjoy music concerts comfortably and safely.

Because if at any time an unwanted risk occurs at any time, and there is no guarantee that the insurance will bear it, it will result in a considerable loss to you.

  1. Event Insurance

Bern explains that this type of insurance is made according to the needs and agreements between the insured and the insurer. The risks that can be guaranteed are as follows:

  • Non-Appearance: Artist cannot perform due to illness, death, accident, or travel delay.
  • Terrorist Attacks: Terrorist attacks or threats in the vicinity of the event venue.
  • Adverse Weather:

Extreme weather conditions such as wind, lightning, and rain can make the venue inaccessible or threaten the safety of attendees.

Earthquakes, volcanic ash, hurricanes, blizzards, and floods can derail the travel plans of attendees, speakers, or performing artists, cause entry/exit difficulties, or cause the closure of the premises.

  • National Mourning: A period of national mourning after the death of a country’s leader or influential person.
  • Liabilities: Attendees, spectators, or spectators injured in an accident during the event, including food poisoning, collapsing stage or props, fire, or terrorist attack.
  • Communicable Disease: An outbreak or threat of an epidemic that warrants the closure of the premises by the authorities.
  • Miscellaneous: Strikes, political violence, government-issued travel warnings, or fire damage at the event venue.

How to get the best insurance?

In Indonesia, getting Liability insurance and Personal Accident insurance is not easy because only a few insurance companies can provide this type of insurance.

The best way to deal with this is to use a professional insurance broker with access to several insurance companies.

Brokers can also design insurance terms and conditions that meet your business needs and adapt them to competitive insurance premiums.

One of the best insurance broker companies in Indonesia that can help you is L&G Insurance Broker.

For all your insurance needs, please contact L&G now!



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