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Why Is Travel Insurance is Important For Your Trip?

Liga Asuransi – Dear readers, how are you and your business? Hopefully in good condition and your business can run well and move forward. Of course, you often travel, whether out of town, outside the island, or even abroad. Your purpose of traveling may include needs, such as work assignments or just recreation to unwind from daily activities. Wherever your destination is, you usually have to make preparations before leaving in order to maximize your travel agenda.

Before planning a trip, you should know more about travel insurance. Unfortunately, there are still many people who ignore the importance of travel insurance. From why you have it to how you get it, you’ll find all of them in the short explanation below.

Travel insurance is designed to provide protection against unpredictable events such as the crash of an airplane. However, insurance also has exceptions to certain things. In this case, for example, the BMKG has given an alert warning not to vacation around Anak Krakatau. But you bought it on purpose to get a claim when something happens when you are traveling around Anak Krakatau, which is active and ready to erupt. If this happens, travel insurance cannot cover this.

Travel insurance also protects you from terror cases in several countries including Europe. Especially if the country you are visiting is an unsafe country, so the premium paid will of course be higher.

Travel Insurance / Travel Insurance Travel

Insurance is a type of insurance that is useful for providing protection while you are traveling. Travel insurance is the most important protection in traveling and is a requirement for obtaining visas to several countries. This insurance is prioritized for those of you who really like to travel both out of town and abroad and its function is only to protect when you are going to travel. When traveling, we may face unexpected risks. Starting from light, late planes, pickpockets, lost passports to complexes such as hospital admission or accidents.

Benefits of Travel Insurance Travel

insurance turns out to provide protection not only for the health of customers who are traveling, but also the important things below. Did you know it already? Let’s look at the following explanation.

  1. Flight delays

Every flight has a risk of delaying the departure schedule or delayed schedule. There are several factors that can influence it. Starting from bad weather, to force majeure. Travel insurance customers can submit cash claims based on the coverage limit, for every six hours of flight delay. In addition, insurance also covers cancellation fees, flights, and other costs including accommodation, if the customer wants to change flight schedules.

  1. Medical expenses

Customers will also receive reimbursement of medical expenses, including dental treatment, hospital fees, operating costs, to traditional treatments while abroad. Meanwhile, customers are also entitled to receive reimbursement of medical expenses at domestic hospitals, as a follow-up treatment from overseas treatment.

  1. Delayed baggage

If the customer’s baggage is detained for more than six hours due to negligence on the part of the airline, the insurance company will reimburse the customer for the costs. For example, the cost of purchasing basic necessities, including clothes and toiletries.

  1. Travel documents

Customers’ baggage and personal belongings, including travel documents, are also covered by travel insurance. Any loss or damage to the customer’s belongings is the responsibility of the travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance

There are various types of travel insurance that must be known and understood so that you can have it according to your situation and needs. Based on the time period, this type of insurance is divided into two, namely single trip insurance and annual travel insurance.

Single trip insurance is one-time travel insurance, which is insurance that is only valid for one trip. Meanwhile, annual travel insurance is insurance that applies annually. You can choose one of them, depending on how often you travel.

In addition to being seen from the type of time period, there is also a division of insurance types based on the number of dependents. For this category, there are two types that are usually available, namely individual travel insurance and group travel insurance. As the name implies, the basic difference between these two types of insurance is the number of people protected, individuals and groups.

There is also a distribution of insurance based on the purpose of the trip, namely leisure trip insurance and business trip insurance. You can choose leisure trip insurance if you are traveling with the purpose of traveling or recreation. Meanwhile, business trip insurance is intended for people traveling for work or business purposes. Usually, business trip insurance provides greater risk than leisure trip insurance. However, leisure trip insurance is often charged with a premium that is more expensive than business trip insurance.

Another division is based on the purpose of your trip. This insurance is divided into two, namely domestic trip insurance and international trip insurance. The basic difference between these two insurances is the cost of premiums. International trip insurance certainly offers a premium price that is more expensive than domestic trip insurance. This is reasonable, considering the higher risks you encounter in long-distance travel.

Determination of Travel Insurance Premiums The

The amount of travel insurance premiums that you must pay is determined by the following things.

  1. Travel destination. Domestic travel has a lower premium than international travel.
  2. Travel frequency. Indeed, the annual travel insurance premium is greater than the one-way travel insurance premium. However, if you frequently make regular trips more than 3 times in a year, the annual travel insurance premium will be more economical than the one-way travel insurance premium.
  3. The duration of the trip is also a determining factor for the premium. The premium amount is proportional to the duration of your trip. The longer the duration, the more it increases.
  4. Number of participants on the trip. If you are traveling with a family, a family travel insurance package will be more economical for you to choose

How to claim travel insurance

Recognizing the importance of travel insurance alone is not enough. You also need to understand the travel insurance claim procedure to enjoy its benefits. Currently, filing an insurance claim is very easy to do. Several insurance companies have served claims online. That way, you can file a claim by simply uploading the required documents.

In general, there are two processes for submitting insurance claims in Indonesia. First, using the worldwide provider (international) scheme, aka cashless, which is the use of insurance benefits by showing an insurance card to related parties. For example, if you have to be hospitalized, you only need to show an insurance card as a means of payment.

The second scheme is to use a reimbursement scheme, where the replacement of funds is carried out after the customer bears the required costs. This means that customers have to pay personal money first, then ask for the sum insured after submitting a claim and completing the necessary requirements.

The first scheme is certainly more practical. Unfortunately, the majority of claim submissions in Indonesia use a reimbursement scheme. But don’t worry, because the claim submission process is not complicated and easy to do. However, you must still comply with the requirements so that the submission of a claim is free of rejection.

The following are the steps for submitting a travel insurance claim:

  1. Immediately report to the insurance company when you experience a loss

. When there is a loss that is covered by insurance protection, immediately report it to the insurance. We recommend that you already know the address and telephone number of the insurance company branch at the travel destination. Also find out if the insurance company concerned provides an online claim facility through their official website. Reporting must be done immediately, considering the expiration date of the claim report. Check the insurance policy to find out the expiration date.

  1. Complete the required documents

Prepare all the required documents. Generally, document requirements include application forms, travel tickets, passports, and identity cards. Some incidents, such as theft or accidents, require additional documents, such as a police certificate and proof of ownership of the lost item.

  1. Provide a detailed explanation

When submitting an insurance claim, you will be asked to provide an explanation of the chronology of events that happened to you. If any discrepancies are found, the insurance company will conduct an investigation. The goal is to prevent fraudulent actions or attempts to illegally gain profits

Exceptions in Travel Insurance  

Just like all other insurance policies, travel insurance also has its exceptions. It is important for you to be aware of all circumstances and incidents that are not covered by the coverage of your insurance policy. The following are five common exceptions to travel insurance.

  1. Pre-existing health conditions (Pre-Existing Condition) Pre-existing

health conditions are not covered in a travel insurance policy. It is better to inform the insurance company about your current health condition or illness because the insurance company will conduct a thorough background check before issuing the sum assured.

  1. Accidents due to dangerous activities

It is very rare for insurance companies to cover risks associated with extreme sports and adventures, such as bungee jumping, deep sea diving, parasailing, and so on in their travel insurance products. So, be prepared to pay medical expenses out of your own pocket in the event of an accident due to such a dangerous sporting activity.

  1. Visiting dangerous places

Travel insurance policies clearly state that they do not cover accident or death if the purpose of your trip is dangerous places, such as areas of conflict or war, places of epidemics or disease outbreaks and so on. So, make sure in advance that the destination of your trip is not included in the prohibited and dangerous places to visit in your travel insurance policy.

  1. Self-harm situations

Your travel insurance claim will not be accepted if you have a medical problem or death caused by a suicide attempt or you have an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  1. Natural disasters

Travel insurance does not protect you from injury or loss caused by natural disasters, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, or hurricanes.

How to Get the Best Travel Insurance?

The best way to get travel insurance coverage is through an insurance broker. Insurance brokers who will step in from starting to register and get competitive quotes. The broker will also assist in the event of a claim.

One of the insurance brokers who are experienced in the field of travel insurance is L&G Insurance Broker.

For travel insurance coverage, contact L&G right away!



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