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Can the car fall into the sea? Can the insurance cover it?

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Entering the Christmas and New Year holiday season, some of us have already planned where to go on vacation. Some travel out of town and abroad, and some even want to return home between islands by using sea transportation such as ferries. 

However, along with the vacation trip, there are certainly various kinds of risks that can occur and will undoubtedly cause losses. 

For example, the risk of the car falling into the water that lurks when going to board a motorized crossing or often called a ferry. Especially for drivers who are doing vacation activities for the first time using the ship’s services.

As we all know, recently, there was a viral incident where a car splashed into the sea at the ferry crossing in Merak, Banten. 

Although there were no fatalities, this incident made many motorists anxious when traveling between islands by ferry.

Then, why can this happen? Can insurance cover this incident?

On this occasion, we will invite you to discuss this matter and provide tips to be safe when loading the car into the ferry.

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Seconds When the Car Plunged Into the Sea

PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) confirmed an incident where a minibus-type vehicle fell from KMP Shalem owned by private operator Surya Timur Lines. The incident occurred during the loading process at the side ramp of pier 2 of the Merak Crossing Port, Banten, on Friday (12/23) at 21.45 WIB.

PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Corporate Secretary Shelvy Arifin said that the vehicle falling into the sea occurred when KMP Shalem was in the middle of the loading process. Furthermore, the ship’s movement occurred so that the right car on the tongue of the side ramp fell into the sea.

The two victims in the car, a husband and wife, were later rescued. Several people successfully evacuated by breaking the rear window of the vehicle.

The two victims were taken to the Pulomerak Health Center and Krakatau Medika Hospital for treatment. “The women were taken to the Merak Health Center, and the men were taken to the KS Hospital because they were unconscious,” said Banten Basarnas, Head of Ops, Heru Amir.

What are the Losses for Repairing a Car in the Sea?

If you experience a car falling into the sea, the vehicle’s condition can still be repaired. It’s just that it requires a lot of money. Why is that?

According to Wahono, Head of the Jatiasih Auto2000 Workshop, Bekasi, quoted by Kompas, the biggest risk is damage to engine parts due to being submerged in salt water. Estimated repair costs can be half the price of the car.

“If asked, can it be repaired or not? Can. Even a burning car can be repaired, let alone immersed in water. It’s just the cost. Is it more economical or not? You can even replace the engine if the water hammer or the engine is damaged. Replacing the engine is not bad. It can be Rp. 50 million,” he said.

Then, is the car splashed into the sea replaced by insurance?

PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) confirmed an incident where a minibus-type vehicle fell from KMP Shalem owned by private operator Surya Timur Lines. Initially, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Corporate Secretary Shelvy Arifin conveyed the chronology of events.

In the incident where the car plunged into the sea at the port of Merak, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) said that it ensured that the vehicle and the victim received insurance protection.

According to Corporate Secretary of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Shelvy Arifin, quoted by Kompas, his party has coordinated with partners regarding the insurance rights of service users.

PT Jasaraharja Putera will process claims for vehicle damage. Meanwhile, PT Jasa Raharja will bear the cost of hospital treatment for the two victims.

An insurance claim can be made when a car falls into the sea. But please remember, the vehicle first follows the all-risk insurance premium.

According to an insurance observer from the Trisakti Insurance High School, Azuarini Diah, explained, if a similar accident occurs, the victim is entitled to compensation from insurance. If the car crashes at the port pier in the same case, it must be ensured that there is a letter of introduction from the manager.

“Later, the insurance will provide documents that need to be submitted for further processing,” said Azuarini to detikcom Tuesday (27/12/2022).

He said the victim also had to make sure the STNK of the vehicle in the accident was active. So, the victim can immediately apply for insurance with the STNK.

“Then submit a claim according to the selected product. Jasaraharja Putera has a Call Center or visits the Jasaraharja Putera official website,” he said.

On the official website of Jasa Raharja Putera, there is a form requesting information regarding police information and data from victims. The data must be filled in completely and correctly.

“Type of insurance, Policy number, Name of the policyholder, Branch of the policy issuer, Reporter’s data. Then, fill in the name, address, zip code, city, home phone number, office phone number, cellphone, facsimile, email, relationship with the policyholder, information incident, date of the incident, time of the incident, location of the incident, and chronology of events,” he explained.

According to Azuarini, several compensations can be obtained by Jasa Raharja traffic accident victims. This insurance can be obtained if the accident occurs in the realm of the company, on toll roads, highways, or in public transportation.

The list of compensation that can be obtained includes compensation for the death of Rp. 50 million, compensation for permanent disability up to Rp. 50 million, maintenance compensation for a maximum of Rp. 20 million, then payment for burial costs if the victim has no heirs of Rp. 4 million.

Then, compensation for additional benefits for reimbursement of first aid costs IDR 1 million, and compensation for other uses (reimbursement for ambulance costs IDR 500 thousand.

Reimbursement of public transport as long as the passenger in question is in the vehicle. For passengers of public transport such as buses crossing the sea using a ferry and having an accident, they will be given double compensation,” he concluded.

Tips for taking a car on a ferry

so you avoid the risk of your vehicle falling into the sea. You can follow some of the tips below. This applies to drivers who have often done ferry crossing activities or those who are trying it for the first time.

  • Only cross over the boat bridge after receiving a signal from the officer on duty.
  • After receiving the signal to cross, make sure the front position car is parallel to the hatch.
  • Use a low gear position because the ship’s bridge position is usually slightly uphill with lots of small steps, like a speed bump.
  • Don’t hesitate when the car gets on the ferry. Step on the gas slowly but surely while on the bridge until the vehicle enters the ship. 
  • Follow the officer’s directions to park on the lane that has been prepared on the ship.

Remember, when big waves and winds usually hit the ferry port, the officers will temporarily close the crossing service. Wait until the situation is safe and get permission from the port operator.

For those of you who are traveling and have to cross by car on a ferry, you should consider some of the risks that can occur before making your trip.

In addition to the risk of human negligence, dangers that lurk, for example, natural conditions with big waves and winds, can be a threat when carrying out car activities on ferries. 

Big waves and winds shake the ship and can cause it to move away from the harbor’s edge. This can create a gap between the overpass and the wharf if this happens.

While the human risk in question is the lack of optimal officers directing the ship’s position when anchored. An improper part can make the position of the hatch and the bridge to enter the car on the ferry become unsteady.



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