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Barge Loaded with Nickel Nearly Capsized, Nickel Spilled into the Sea: And 7 Incidents That Left Deep Grief

Liga Asuransi – Greetings, risk takers! We are again presenting a series of news regarding accident incidents in Indonesia which invites all of our attention. Risks can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. 

We cannot predict when accidents will occur, but we have the ability to reduce their impact by prioritizing safety. 

In this article, we have collected seven accident news stories that will deepen our understanding of the importance of safety in everyday life.

Let’s stay alert and take care of ourselves and those closest to us. 

Successive accidents on the Cengkareng toll road towards Soekarno-Hatta Airport involving four vehicles

A series of accidents involving a number of vehicles occurred on the Cengkareng toll road towards Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Monday (10/6) morning. Information about this accident also circulated widely on social media, one of which was uploaded by the Instagram account @Jakarta.terkini. In the narrative distributed, it was stated that seven vehicles were involved in the incident.

However, Head of Traffic Unit for Benda Police, AKP Karsan, clarified that the accident only involved four vehicles. “Not seven vehicles, but only four vehicles. That’s a mistake in circulation,” he said when contacted by journalists.

Karsan explained that this accident occurred in front of the Orchad Hotel. The incident started when a Toyota Zenix car lost control and hit the Toyota Avanza in front of it. “According to information from the driver, he was overtaken by another vehicle and was shocked and hit the car in front of him,” he explained.

Next, the Toyota Avanza car that was hit hit two other cars, namely the Toyota Veloz and Toyota Calya, which were in front of it. Even though there was a series of collisions, Karsan confirmed that there were no fatalities or injuries in this accident.

This accident occurred at low speed and the four cars were not carrying passengers. “The only victims were dented vehicle materials. There were no injuries. It has been resolved amicably,” concluded Karsan.

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Fire in Hotel Allnite & Day Alam Sutera, South Tangerang, Killed Three Employees 

A heavy fire broke out on the 6th floor of the Hotel Allnite & Day Alam Sutera in Serpong, South Tangerang, on Saturday (8/6/2024) afternoon, causing three people to die.

This tragic incident is thought to have been caused by an electrical short circuit which triggered sparks and spread to nearby items. The fire which appeared at around 15.40 WIB was successfully extinguished by the fire brigade at 17.18 WIB.

Nurudin, Commander Platoon The South Tangerang Bravo Team Fire Department confirmed that three hotel employees, all men, died as a result of this fire. The victims were trapped in the elevator on the fifth floor and are thought to have died from inhaling thick smoke. Even though they were rushed to RSU Serpong Utara, the lives of the three employees could not be saved.

“On the way to the hospital, three hotel employees were declared dead,” said Nurudin, as quoted by

Apart from the three victims who died, three other people who were also trapped in the elevator were rescued. Currently, the exact cause of the fire is still being investigated by local police.

This fire incident burned around 15 percent of the hotel building, and all the victims were taken to RSU Serpong Utara for further treatment. “The police have handled the victims who died,” added Nurudin.

Currently, authorities continue to investigate this incident to determine the exact cause and prevent similar incidents in the future.

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CPO Tank Truck Crashes into Shop and Vehicle in East Aceh Due to Failed Brakes

An accident involving a CPO (crude palm oil) tanker truck occurred on Jalan Medan – Banda Aceh, East Aceh area, on Monday (10/6/2024) at around 18.00 WIB. This incident is believed to have been caused by a brake failure.

This accident occurred precisely in Gampong Jalan, Idi Rayeuk District, East Aceh Regency. According to monitoring by, the tanker truck driven by Rudiansyah (41), with the Muhajir driver, crashed into Bakhtiar’s grocery shop and four vehicles parked in front of the shop.

Rudiansyah explained, “We were driving from Lhoksukon to Medan, until this corner, the brakes failed. If I straightened out, many people in front could be hit, so the car kept going and I couldn’t stop it until it hit this shop.”

Head of Traffic Unit for East Aceh Police, Iptu Eko Suhendro, stated that there were no casualties in the incident, but material losses were estimated at tens of millions of rupiah. “There were no casualties, but material losses are estimated at IDR 50 million,” he said.

The identity of the owner of the vehicle damaged in the accident is:

  • Yamaha Jupiter Z BL 4368 DW belongs to Raja Saputra (44), resident of Sungai Pauh, West Langsa District.
  • Yamaha Vixion BL 3681 belongs to Wadliadi (28), a student, resident of Matang Rayeuk, Peudawa District.
  • Honda Vario BL 5891 DAO belongs to Raja Saputra (44), resident of Sungai Pauh, West Langsa District, Langsa City.
  • Yamaha Nmax BL 5923 DAS belongs to Risau Amri (29), resident Look up Kapai, Idi Rayeuk District, East Aceh Regency.

Currently, the police are investigating further to determine the exact cause of this accident and prevent similar incidents in the future.

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A barge loaded with nickel almost capsized in Labengki waters, North Konawe

A barge carrying nickel ore almost capsized in Labengki Waters, North Konawe Regency (Konut), Southeast Sulawesi Province, on Monday (10/6). In a 38-second video circulating in the media, the ship can be seen tilted with nickel ore spilling into the sea, changing the color of the sea water to reddish.

Capt. Sorindra, Head of Harbormaster Section of the Molawe Konut Class I Port Organizing Unit (KUPP) Office, revealed that the barge TB ITS Ruby and Tugbot BG Marine Power 3009 belonging to PT Marindo Jaya Sejahtera (MJS) came from a nickel mining company in South Konawe Regency (Counsel). This ship departed to carry nickel ore to one of the jetties in Kolonodale Village, Petasia District, North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi Province.

“The information I got from UPP Lapuko staff was that the ship sank and anchored in Lasolo Waters. It is not yet known for certain why the barge almost capsized,” said Capt. Sorindra when confirmed.

Sorindra explained that his party did not know about the marine pollution caused by the barge, even though the location of the incident was in the Molawe KUPP working area. “Technically it is not with us (KUPP Molawe), it is in the working area of ​​UPP Lapuko Konsel to inspect,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the UPP Lapuko Office, Lanto, who confirmed this incident, stated that he had not received any information regarding the incident of the barge which almost capsized. “Okay, thanks for the information,” he said briefly.

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Commuter Line Trains Sindro Experienced an accident with a truck loaded with corn at KM 20+600

On Monday (10/6/2024) morning at 04.55 WIB, the Commuter Line Train (KA) Sindro had an accident at the KM 20+600 crossing, between Gedangan Station and Sidoarjo Station. This incident occurred when the train was hit by a truck carrying a load of corn.

Luqman Arif, Public Relations Manager of KAI Daop 8 Surabaya, said that as a result of the accident, the front of the left side of the KA Commuter Line locomotive Sindro having damaged. The Supas KA locomotive was deployed at 06.50 WIB to pull the Sindro Commuter Line train to Sidoarjo Station at limited speed, under the escort of KAI Daop 8 officers.

“This accident resulted in several train trips on the Sidoarjo – Gedangan route and vice versa experiencing delays,” said Luqman in an official statement received by Suara Surabaya on Monday. There were no casualties in this incident, and the train was not carrying passengers at the time of the incident.

Some train trips experiencing delays include:

  • ON the Commuter Line Sindro Sidoarjo Station – Indro Station relations
  • Supas Commuter Line train connecting Pasuruan Station – Surabaya Gubeng Station
  • Probowangi train links Surabaya Gubeng Station – Ketapang Station
  • Arjuno Express train links Malang Station – Surabaya Gubeng Station
  • Pandalungan train links Gambir Station – Jember Station

“Currently, KAI Daop 8 Surabaya officers are checking the route so that train travel can return to normal,” added Luqman.

From the video sent by Suara Surabaya listeners, you can see corn seeds scattered on the tracks around Jalan RM Mangun Diprojo, in front of Comfeed, as a result of the accident.

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Fire Burns 14 Shophouses in Sambas Market, West Kalimantan

A major fire hit 14 shophouses (ruko) in Sambas Market, West Kalimantan, on Monday (10/6/2024). Head of the Public Relations Section of the Sambas Police, AKP Sadoko Kasih, revealed that all the buildings that burned were completely damaged. “The number of buildings or shophouses that have caught fire is currently 14 doors,” he said Sadoko.

Until now, the cause of the fire is still not certain. “The damage caused by the fire reached 100 percent. Currently it is still in the process of extinguishing it,” said Sadoko when contacted on Monday evening.

According to previous reports, residents around Sambas Market saw smoke coming out of the Sambas Aluminum World Store at around 18.00 WIB. Not long after, an explosion was heard which shocked the residents. The fire quickly spread to other buildings in the vicinity, resulting in a total of 14 shophouses burning down. “Then the fire spread to another building which was still in the same block as Toko Dunia Alumunium Sambas, causing another shophouse to catch fire,” explained Sadoko.

The police immediately carried out a crime scene investigation (TKP) and asked for information from a number of witnesses to find out the exact cause of the fire. “Later we will carry out an investigation of the crime scene to find out the cause of the fire,” he concluded Sadoko.

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Elpiji Gas Warehouse Fire in Bali: 13 Victims Still Being Treated in Critical Condition in the ICU at Ngoerah Hospital

A total of 13 victims of the fire at the LPG gas warehouse in Ubung Kaja, Denpasar, Bali, are still being treated in very critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of RSUP Dr. I.G.N.G. Ngoerah (Sanglah). Head of the Intensive Care Installation at Ngoerah Hospital, I Putu Kurniayanta, stated that the medical team continues to try to stabilize the patients’ conditions.

“The patients suffered very severe burns. Of the 13 patients, 12 of them required assistance with breathing apparatus because the explosion trauma had affected the upper respiratory tract, causing swelling and difficulty breathing,” said Kurniyanta in a press conference at RSUP, Tuesday (11/6 ).

He added that it is likely that patients who are not currently using breathing apparatus will also need one because their condition is still unstable and the burns are very extensive. “We are giving fluids to stabilize their condition because the body’s protection against injured skin does not exist, so a lot of fluid comes out,” he explained.

Apart from breathing problems, the victims also suffered extensive burns which caused damage to the body’s organ systems. From experience, burns that reach more than 60 to 70 percent are very difficult to treat.

“Inflammation due to hot steam entering through the nose causes swelling of the airways from the top to the lungs, so we use breathing apparatus,” continued Kurniayanta.

I Gusti Putu Hendra Sanjaya, Plastic Surgeon at Ngoerah General Hospital, said that although there were certain cases with burns of more than 60 percent that survived, the current condition really depends on the amount of damage to the airways and lungs. “If a fire occurs in an open space, the chances of survival are greater, but in this situation, a lot of smoke enters the respiratory tract,” he said.

Previously, three victims of the LPG gas warehouse fire died after being treated at Ngoerah General Hospital. They are Yudis Aldyanto, Edi Herwanto, and Purwanto. Affan Priyambodo, Director of Medicine and Nursing at Ngoerah Hospital, stated that this event was an extraordinary event (KLB) with a total of 18 patients being treated at Ngoerah Hospital.

The Ngoerah Hospital medical team continues to work hard to save the victims who are still being treated, even though the challenges they face are enormous considering the severity of the burns and organ damage they suffered.

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