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7 Choices of Fatal Accident News 2023 in Indonesia – 2nd Week of November

Liga Asuransi – Hello, risk takers! In the second week of November 2023, we again present a series of news regarding accident incidents in Indonesia which invites all of our attention. We remind you again that risks can lurk anywhere and at any time, and it is unknown who will be the victim. Although we cannot predict when and where accidents will occur, we have the ability to reduce their impact by prioritizing safety. In this article, we have collected seven accident news stories that will deepen our understanding of the importance of safety in everyday life.

Let’s remain alert and take care of ourselves and those closest to us. By coming together, we can create a safer environment and reduce the risk of accidents. Happy reading, I hope these articles provide valuable benefits and understanding in our efforts to maintain our collective safety.

Exciting Incident at Paragon Mall Semarang. Honda Brio Exhibition Car Speeds and Hits Visitors!

A shocking incident occurred at Paragon Mall Semarang on Saturday (4/11) when a yellow Honda Brio car which was on display hit a number of visitors. This incident created tension among visitors who were enjoying the bustle of the busy shopping center.

This incident occurred at around 21:00 WIB when the Honda Brio car was running, which was originally driven by a car salesman at the exhibition. However, after an inspection by the Central Semarang Police Chief, Commissioner Indra Romantika, it was discovered that the car was being used by a marketing staff member to explain the vehicle’s features to visitors.

Unfortunately, the car drove by itself and hit two escalators and several visitors. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in this incident.

Police Commissioner Indra explained, “The car was in the hand brake position and engaged in gear. However, the car moved because it was on a slippery floor, and it seemed the driver was unable to control it.”

The driver, who is a marketing staff member, has been detained by the police and taken to the Semarang Police for further investigation regarding the incident.

The Director of Paragon Mall Semarang explained that dealers who display their vehicles in the mall are not allowed to start the vehicle’s engine. To test a vehicle, the dealer must prepare a test car in the mall parking area.

The mall follows the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that apply to car shows, where exhibition vehicles are usually placed in special locations in the mall.

The employee involved in this incident has been arrested and is currently undergoing examination by the authorities. Finally, the dealer and the mall agreed to take full responsibility for this incident after resolving the problems that arose.


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The Avanza drove without control until it crashed into heavy equipment. 4 people were seriously injured and had broken bones

A serious accident rocked the Banyuwangi-Situbondo Highway on Monday (6/11/2023) when an Avanza minibus hit a heavy equipment vehicle. This incident caused serious injuries to the four passengers in the car who, incidentally, were from the same family.

The cause of this accident was that the minibus driver was sleepy, causing the car to swerve and end up hitting heavy equipment on the side of the road. The four seriously injured victims were immediately rushed to the Blambangan Regional General Hospital (RSUD) to receive the necessary medical treatment.

Head of the Banyuwangi Police Traffic Unit Gakkum, Inspector Dwi Wijayanto, expressed a strong suspicion that a sleepy driver was the main cause of this incident.

The identities of the victims include Muhammad Arif (55), Khalimah (53), Muhammad Fahmi (30), and Siti Rofia (59). The condition of the Avanza car, with plate number P 1302 XA, suffered serious damage to the front as a result of this accident.

This accident also resulted in several victims suffering from broken bones in their legs and arms. This incident is a reminder of how important it is to remain alert when driving, especially in drowsy conditions, to avoid serious incidents like this.


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Car and contents of grocery store engulfed in fire in Jombang, East Java. Losses of up to hundreds of millions of Rupiah

Jombang, East Java, witnessed a frightening incident on Monday night (6/11/2023) when a grocery store was hit by a red rooster. This fire destroyed the entire contents of the shop, including a car inside.

The fire burned fiercely and consumed everything in the shop. Unfortunately, local residents could not provide help because the shop door owned by Mas’ud (62), the shop owner, was locked very tightly, so no one could enter.

However, news about this fire reached the Mojoagung Fire Department (Damkar) officers. They responded quickly and arrived at the scene. Firefighters dismantled the shop door so they could spray water inside. Only after about 2 hours, precisely in the early hours of Tuesday (7/11/2023), the fire was successfully extinguished.

Eko Agus Setiawan, a Mojoagung Damkar officer, said, “The entire contents of the shop were on fire, there was even a car inside. We had difficulty accessing because the shop door was locked.”

The exact cause of the fire is still unknown. However, based on eyewitness testimony, the fire is thought to have started from a short circuit in the electrical current at the CCTV cable plug.

Police Commissioner Bambang Setiyobudi, Mojoagung Police Chief, also explained, “The fire is thought to have started from the CCTV cable because the fire started from the east corner, near the electrical cable plug that leads to the CCTV.”

Although this incident fortunately did not result in any fatalities, the shop owner had to feel the significant impact, with losses reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah.


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Deadly Accident at PLTU, South Sumatra. Worker Falls by Loose Heavy Equipment and Dies

Dio Saputra (19), a worker at the Sumbagsel 1 Steam Power Plant (PLTU) project in Keban Agung Village, Semidang Aji District, OKU Regency, suffered a fatal accident while carrying out his work on Saturday (4/11/2023).

According to information from the Head of Semidang Aji Police, IPDA Hartomi, which was received by Aipda Hadi Suhendra MM, an officer from the Babinkamtibnas of Keban Agung Village, this tragic incident resulted in the victim’s death. The victim’s family then received Dio’s body and took it to Goras Jaya Village, Bekri District, Central Lampung Regency.

According to the victim’s co-workers, Dio Saputra was carrying out his duties at the Keban Agung Semidang Aji PLTU project. At a tragic moment, a heavy equipment, which was being pulled up to a height of about 5 meters, suddenly came loose and fell on Dio when he was in an area that should have been safe with a safety line that had been installed.

The victim’s co-workers and the work safety team immediately provided assistance, and the victim was rushed to hospital by the company. Dio’s family is very sad about the accident, and his body will eventually be buried in his hometown.

The manager of PT SSP Gunawan, which is part of PLTU Keban Agung, confirmed this incident. He explained that Dio Saputra was a worker from the subcontractor PT KSB from Lampung. A safety line has been installed to ensure the safety of workers, but the victim is suspected of recklessly entering the area with the intention of taking something.

The company has taken Dio to a funeral home in Lampung and is carrying out an evaluation to prevent a similar incident from recurring. This accident is a reminder of how important work safety and vigilance are in construction and industrial environments.


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Tragic Kum-Kum Tourism Incident Claims Victims. Two Children Drown, One Dies

After the tragic incident at Mayangan Beach, where two children drowned, the Mayangan Coastal Fishing Port (PPP) has taken firm steps by prohibiting people from swimming in the sea. One of the two children who drowned eventually died in the incident.

Even though swimming is prohibited, people are still allowed to come and enjoy the sea view, as well as enjoy food from traders or MSMEs located around the beach.

However, monitoring in the field showed that there was no swimming activity in the sea, only a few youths and adults sitting in the gazebo. The authorities have even closed the stairs to the sea using raffia rope.

Head of the Mayangan Coastal Fishing Port (PPP) Technical Services Section, Nonot Widjajanto, explained that the closure of the Kum-Kum Tourist Baths has been taking place since Monday (6/11/2023) after the tragic incident occurred.

Even though the beach is closed for swimming, people are still allowed to enter the PPP area to enjoy the sea view. MSMEs operating in this area are also still allowed to sell food and drinks.

Authorities will take action to continue monitoring and supervising members of the public who may try to violate the swimming ban. This is done to ensure the safety of all visitors and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

The swimming incident between two children at Mayangan Beach is an important reminder of how crucial safety is in water recreation areas. In this situation, proactive steps have been taken to ensure that safety is a top priority.


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Ship Carrying Stones and Soil Sinks After Collision with Wooden Stumps in North Kalimantan

The maritime accident that befell the LTC Rimba Raya ship rocked the Manggaris River, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan, on Friday (3/11) at around 22.30 WITA. Head of Operations and Preparedness at Basarnas Tarakan, Dede Hariana, has confirmed that five people survived the incident, but two other victims have still not been found.

The two victims who have not been found are M. Dzulkifly (34), a resident of Sungai Bolong Nunukan, and M. Figil Syawal Agrefi (39), who is also a resident of Nunukan. Meanwhile, the survivors have been identified as Wardana (26), Muzzakir (27), Israwati (27), M. Syabrianto (34), and Agus Syaiful Hayat (30).

Information regarding the accident was received by the Tarakan Basarnas Office on Saturday (4/11) at around 09.25 WITA from Dzulkarnaen, who is the agent for the LCT Rimba Raya ship. He explained that the accident occurred when the LCT Rimba Raya ship, which was carrying a load of remaining rocks and soil, sank while on its way from Nunukan to the Manggaris River, North Kalimantan.

The accident was caused by a collision with a wooden stump in the Manggaris River, Nunukan, North Kalimantan. When the incident occurred, the ship’s position was at 4°05’56″N 117°21’32″E. Basarnas has sent a search and rescue team to the location to coordinate with the rescue team in the field.


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Group of Robbers Successfully Arrested After Stolen Gold Worth IDR 2 Billion at PALI Gold Shop, South Sumatra

The brutal robbery that rocked Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir (PALI), South Sumatra, when the perpetrators managed to make off with gold worth around IDR 2 billion, has ended with the arrest of the perpetrators by Unit IV Jatanras Polda South Sumatra. This incident raised tensions and concerns in the region, but the news of the arrest of the perpetrators brought some relief.

According to Kombes M Anwar Reksowidjojo, South Sumatra Regional Police’s Criminal Investigation Directorate, the perpetrators were arrested in two different locations outside the South Sumatra area. The arrest involved members of Unit IV Jatanras and was carried out on Monday (6/11) evening. One of the perpetrators was arrested in Bengkulu, while the other was arrested in West Sumatra (Sumbar).

The identities of the four perpetrators who were arrested were Didin Sugianto alias Suwito (49), Sutrisno (33), Wawan (37), and Surya (49). During the arrest, two firearms were also recovered.

Commissioner Anwar revealed that further information would be released to the public on November 8.

Previously, the South Sumatra Regional Police had taken firm action to investigate a robbery case involving firearms at a gold shop in PALI. This robbery caused losses of up to IDR 2 billion for the victim.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Inspector Yudhistira explained that this tense incident occurred at the Fateha Gold Shop, which is located at Bhayangkara Market, Talang Ubi District, PALI, on October 31 2023 at around 12.00 WIB. Based on the victim’s report and the results of the initial investigation, the loss reached IDR 2 billion.

The police continue to carry out investigations regarding the identity and whereabouts of other perpetrators, so that justice can be served and the perpetrators can face the law.


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