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7 Pilihan Berita Kecelakaan Fatal 2023 di Indonesia – Desember Minggu Ke 1

Liga Asuransi – Greetings, risk takers! Without realizing it, we are approaching the end of 2023, and it’s time for us to review what we have done for almost a full year, including our success in keeping all production processes running smoothly and safely. In the first week of December 2023, we again present a series of news regarding accident incidents in Indonesia which invites all of our attention. We remind you again that risks can lurk anywhere and at any time, and it is unknown who will be the victim. Although we cannot predict when and where accidents will occur, we can reduce their impact by prioritizing safety. In this article, we have collected seven accident news stories that will deepen our understanding of the importance of safety in everyday life.

Let’s remain alert and take care of ourselves and those closest to us. By coming together, we can create a safer environment and reduce the risk of accidents. Happy reading, I hope these articles provide valuable benefits and understanding in our efforts to maintain our collective safety.

Tragedy of the Sinking of KM Resky in Pangkajene Islands: Extreme Weather Hits, 5 Lives Lost

On Saturday (2/12/2023), Pangkajene Islands Regency (Pangkep) was shocked by the sinking tragedy of the Resky Motor Boat (KM) which was serving inter-island crossings. This tragic incident left deep sorrow, with 5 passengers dying in the incident.

KM Resky, which has a capacity of 15 people, sailed from Pajennekang Island to Pangkep Harbor. However, the trip turns into a nightmare when the small ship is suddenly hit by extreme weather. High waves, heavy rain, and strong winds became a natural disaster that caused the ship to roll and eventually sink.

Reports from the scene stated that 10 people were rescued by passing fishing boats, while 5 others were unlucky. They became victims of helplessness amid the storm that hit. Mexianus Bekabel, Head of the Makassar Basarnas Office, received the report immediately and immediately responded by sending 6 rescuers along with water rescue equipment.

“We received information that KM Resky sank in Pangkep waters this afternoon, we immediately moved by deploying 6 rescuers from Basarnas Makassar. 6 crew members used a fast boat to go to the location of the incident,” said Mexianus.

After an intensive search by the joint team, at 17.55 WITA, 2 victims named Asmira (35) and Mariana (30) were found dead. Then, at 19.45 WITA, officers found three other victims who were crushed by the boat, also dead. These three victims were Hj. Sofia (45), Siti Nadira (36), and a toddler child of mother Mariana (5) were also victims.

“With the discovery of all the victims, the SAR operation was declared closed and all elements involved returned to their respective agencies,” said Mexianus.

This tragedy provides an important lesson about the importance of vigilance when sailing, especially in the midst of extreme weather. The entire public is advised to always pay attention to weather forecasts and comply with maritime safety regulations to prevent similar incidents. Hopefully, the victims who have died will be given a proper place, and the families left behind will be given the strength to face this ordeal.


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Ngasem Bojonegoro Vocational School Group Bus Hits Sand Truck, Two Lives Lost

Saturday (2/12/2023) early in the morning, a group bus from SMKN Ngasem Bojonegoro was involved in a fatal accident at KM 786,000 on route B of the Gempol-Pasuruan toll road. This accident that killed two people caused deep sorrow, leaving questions about road safety.

The Queen Trans bus with plate number K 7627 OC, which was carrying passengers from Bali to Bojonegoro, was the perpetrator of the accident. High speed in the slow lane is thought to be the cause. When he reached KM 786,000 B, the driver who was thought to be sleepy lost control, crashing into the back of the dump truck Nopol A 9059 ZA in front of him.

In this tragic incident, bus driver Khusnul Khuluq, a resident of Dukuh Kembar Village, Gresik, and his bus driver, Kadir, a resident of Lopang Village, Kembangbahu, Lamongan, died at the scene. One teacher suffered serious injuries, while two other people suffered minor injuries. Luckily, the other 43 passengers survived in good health.

“The accident is thought to be because the driver of bus number K 7627 OC was sleepy,” said Head of East Java PJR 3 Unit AKP Imam SR.

The load of sand from the truck was scattered at the scene, causing an evacuation that took until 08.30 WIB and resulting in traffic jams around the incident area.

This accident case is currently being handled by the Pasuruan Police, leaving the authorities with the task of investigating further and determining responsibility for this heartbreaking incident.

This incident is a reminder of the importance of road safety, especially during night travel. The public is advised to always pay attention to the driver’s physical and mental condition while hoping that this kind of tragedy will not happen again in the future.


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  6. Health Insurance


Probolinggo’s Leces Market burned down, and hundreds of traders’ stalls were destroyed

The story of the fire that hit Leces Market, Probolinggo Regency, left significant grief and material losses. The Probolinggo Regency Fire Department (Damkar) worked hard for 11 hours to extinguish the fire which was thought to have originated from an electrical short circuit in the southernmost shop of the market.

Public Relations of the Probolinggo Regency Fire Department, Solehudin, stated that the fire was successfully extinguished on Tuesday (5/12/2023) at around 01.30 WIB after various fire and aid fleets were dispatched to the location. “Currently officers are cooling down and ensuring there are no new fires,” said Solehudin.

Head of the Micro Business, Industry and Trade Cooperatives Service (DKUPP), Taufik Alami, estimates that losses due to the fire reached more than IDR 1.5 billion. With a total of 265 stalls burned, the Probolinggo Regency Government is currently collecting data to evaluate the actual impact.

The Regency Government also responded to this incident by evaluating and planning for the future. The Acting Regent of Probolinggo, Ugas Irwanto, conveyed plans to add fire trucks in the 2024 budget. This step was taken as an anticipation and quick step when a fire occurs.

“Things like this (fires) must be dealt with quickly. Last night, we were assisted by two fire engines from the Probolinggo City Government. We have three fire engines,” said Ugas.

The fire at Leces Market was not the first time, and Ugas considered it a valuable lesson. The Probolinggo Regency Government is committed to preparing early anticipation so that it can respond quickly if a market fire occurs in the future.

“Today, the Department of Cooperatives, Industry and Trade is collecting data on the kiosks that caught fire yesterday,” added Ugas.

Difficult conditions such as strong winds, limited water sources, and the mobility of residents which make it difficult to extinguish fires are a challenge for fire crews. Nevertheless, this incident is a momentum to reflect and improve the fire fighting system in Probolinggo Regency, making safety and preparedness the main priority.


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Robbery in Mojosari Village, Lumajang. The Cattle Owner was Attacked and Gold Worth IDR 400 Million Disappeared

A dramatic story occurred in Mojosari Village, Sumbersuko, Lumajang, when a cattle boss named Sarwo Edi became the victim of a brutal robbery. This tragic incident occurred early Tuesday morning, around 02.00 WIB, when three robbers entered his house and broke the window.

Sarwo Edi, who was the victim of a robbery, revealed that the three perpetrators immediately threatened him with sharp weapons after they managed to enter his house. He was then held captive, making him surrender before the heinous actions of the robbers.

“The robbery occurred at around 02.00 WIB. The perpetrator entered the house carrying a sharp weapon and held me captive in my room,” said Edi to detikjatim on Tuesday (5/12/2023).

Edi continued, while being held captive, the robbers ransacked the room and managed to take 300 grams of gold jewelry worth more than IDR 400 million. This gold was found in the victim’s cupboard, becoming the main target for the perpetrators who quickly ran away after getting the desired item.

This robbery case was immediately reported to the police, and officers came to the location to investigate the crime scene (TKP). Currently, the Lumajang Police Criminal Investigation Unit is conducting an investigation to reveal the identities and prosecute the perpetrators.

“Currently we are still investigating this robbery case,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Lumajang Police, AKP Achmad Rochim.

This tragic event provides a reminder of the importance of home security and the need for better preventive measures in society. Hopefully the police investigation efforts can bring justice to the victim and arrest the perpetrators of this robbery.


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Dump Truck and Four-Wheeled Vehicle Collision in Bantul. Two Passengers Suffered Serious Injuries

A traffic accident incident rocked the Southern Cross Road (JJLS) north of Indokor, Kuwaru Hamlet, Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul on Tuesday (5/12/2023). The accident involved a dump truck and a four-wheeled vehicle, which caused serious injuries to two passengers.

Head of Public Relations of the Bantul Police, Iptu I Nengah Jeffry Prana Widnyana, explained the chronology of the incident which began when Diyan Saputro, 30 years old, a resident of Srandakan, Bantul, was driving a dump truck with plate AB 8120 BK from east to west at high speed.

When he arrived at the scene, Respati Wahyu Nugroho, 38 years old, a resident of Sanden, Bantul, appeared driving a Daihatsu Zebra car with plate AB 8628 YK. Unfortunately, an accident was inevitable because the distance between the two was too close. “Because the distance was too close, an accident occurred,” explained Inspector I Nengah Jeffry Prana Widnyana by telephone.

The impact of this accident is quite serious. The driver of the dump truck escaped without injury, while the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle suffered injuries to the left side of his chest. The two passengers in the four-wheeled vehicle also suffered head injuries and were immediately rushed to UII Pandak Hospital, Bantul, for further treatment.

The dump truck vehicle suffered damage to the deck and left front bumper which was dented, the left door was dented, and the front and left side windows were broken. The radiator also leaks. Meanwhile, the four-wheeled Daihatsu Zebra vehicle suffered damage to the front, which was torn and the glass broken. The total material loss is estimated at IDR 1 million.

This incident highlights the importance of caution and safety when driving, as well as the role of law enforcement in providing accurate information regarding investigations and follow-up actions to be taken.


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Successive Accidents in Sukabumi. Five People Injured Due to Car and Motorcycle Collision

A series of accidents rocked Jalan KH Ahmad Sanusi, Cisaat, Sukabumi Regency on Sunday (3/12/2023), causing injuries to the five people involved. This incident occurred at around 14:00 WIB in Ciapu Village RT 49/21, Sukaresmi Village.

According to information from the Head of the Sukabumi City Police Traffic Unit Gakkum, Ipda Ade Hariswanto, the accident involved a 64 year old grandfather who was driving a Sigra type car. The grandfather allegedly took the lane too far to the right, causing a collision with a number of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

“It seems he (grandfather) is too far to the right, so the complete chronology is still under investigation,” said Ade to detikJabar.

The series of accidents involved one car and three motorbikes. The Sigra car allegedly touched the Honda ADV motorbike driven by AC, then hit the Yamaha Mio Soul motorbike driven by AP with UF as a passenger. Next, the Sigra car crashed into a Yamaha Vino bicycle driven by SS.

The impact of the accident was very damaging, especially on the Honda ADV motorbike which was almost split in two. Apart from that, two motorbikes and a Sigra car were also damaged. The total material loss is estimated at IDR 10 million.

Luckily, there were no casualties in this incident. However, five drivers and passengers suffered minor injuries. They have been rushed to Assyifa Hospital to receive medical treatment.

“Thank God there were no victims of concern, they only suffered abrasions. All minor injuries to five motorbike riders and pillion passengers, with the initials AC, SS, TL, AP and UF,” said Ade.

The police are still continuing to investigate the alleged cause of the accident. The focus of the investigation is currently focused on the driver of the Sigra car who is suspected of going too far to the right of the road.


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Large Fire Hits the Union Industrial Park Area of ​​Batuampar, Batam City

Batam City, Riau Islands, was rocked by a major fire incident involving the Union Industrial Park Batuampar area on Monday, December 4 2023.

This fire started in one of the distributor’s warehouses close to PT Arita Prima Indonesia in the area. The fire quickly spread and spread to other warehouses and several surrounding companies.

A resident who was an eyewitness revealed that the fire was first seen inside the neighboring distributor company PT Arita Prima Indonesia. However, until now, the exact cause of the fire is still unknown.

“It started from there, sir, then it spread, I don’t know the cause, sir,” said an eyewitness to firefighters who were trying to control the situation.

To extinguish it, five fire engines were deployed to the scene. Officers coordinated well and tried hard to contain the fire which continued to spread. Fire engines were seen going back and forth to the scene, showing the seriousness in handling the fire.

The impact of this fire was not limited to one warehouse, but damaged four other buildings in the vicinity. Even though the firefighters have tried their best, until this news was reported, the fire had still not been completely extinguished and continued to spread to several other locations. The situation in the Union Industrial Park Batuampar area continues to be monitored for further developments.


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